Saturday, 25 June 2011

Glossy Box #1 June ;)

In may i came across SwalkerMakeup’s video on the May Glossy box. It looked like an amazing idea and for £10 i couldn’t resist. The thing that made me subscribe was that they gave away a full sized 30 ml Nars Orgasm Illuminator which was an offer for the first box. So i signed up for June box. I also checked out the glossybox’s twitter.!/GlossyBoxUK  and they kept saying that they were very excited for the june box and that it is as good as the may box and yesterday i recieved my June Glossybox.
Lets see whats inside?

 I do love the box that the products come in, its pink, girly and classic and best of all you can keep it and use it for storage. Glossybox comes with information cards on the products and tell you what you will be recieving. I'v taken out the packaging. This is what i've gotten.

So the first product is the Bioeffect EGF travel serum which on the card it says it is worth £30. It is mean’t to stimulate cell growth and helps keep skin hydrated and younger looking but since im only 15 i don’t think would come in handy, maybe it will or maybe it won’t but i’ll let my mum try it. It is a very small product and to get the product out you use a pippet or whatever you call them, its colourless and it doesn’t really smell of anything. While testing it on my arm it does make my skin a little smoother and it is quite oily. I did watch jellyminx’s video ( on the june box and she did mention that she heard of the product before and that when she signed up on their website she did recieve this product, for FREE. yes for free and its the same size and everything so i don’t think this was great to put in the glossybox as we can all get it for free.

Abahna White grapefruit & may chang bath & shower gel (100ml)
I honestly did not mind getting a shower gel in my glossy box but some recieved foot scrubs/moisturisers and some recieved face scrub and some received a Rouge Bunny Rouge Lipgloss!!! which was the best thing to recieve and i’m very jealous of the people who got the lipgloss since it is such a good brand and was the only makeup item in the glossybox. And since i’m only 15 this did not appeal to me as a good luxury item since it does smell kind of spiccy/herby and old. definatley something for older women. I will give this to my mum to try. It smells okay but i would’ve liked it better if it was a sweet smell.

The next item is the preles de Lalique perfume and comes in a glass bottle and has 4.5ml of the perfume in it. Just to warn anyone the lid is very hard to get off and i was scared that when opening i would spill most the perfume away. The smell isn’t too bad , it kind of grows on you, it reminds me of what a shop would smell like for example debenhams. It actually smells quite nice but i would definatley not buy the full version. It is kind of unisex scent and kind of musky and im more into the floral/sweet perfumes.

Wow. I did not expect to see the batiste dry shampoo in my glossy box since i thought everyone would be recieving high end luxury products and this is definatley not high end or luxury since you can buy it very cheap and get a full sized version for £1 at poundland. This was very disapointing to have in a glossybox. but the product is actually good and works (: so thats okay since i have been needing a new dry shampoo.

The last product i got which i honestly think was the best one yet and its the smallest :( at 3.75 ml. but i have been waiting to try a opi nail polish for so long but they are very expensive so when i found out this was in the box i was sooo excited. There was two colours avaliable this one which is a slivery glitter one and there is a pink/plum glitter one which i would’ve prefered to have but this colour is nice overall. On the glossybox website it said that this colour was called coronation and it is from the designer series.
Here are some swatches.

Overall i really liked the nail polish.
So overall the glossybox was disapointing since some of us did not recieve a full sized product and some did and most of my products did not fit my profile on glossybox. And even worse yesterday i recieved a email from glossybox saying that they will be charging a £2.95 flat rate for p&p but they will start charging in september. OUTRAGOUS! glossy box is definatley going downhill which is a shame since it is a great idea. So i will see what my july and august box will bring me and what i think about it and if im going to pay p&p and see if i will stick with glossybox or i will cancel my subscription and will join where you can recieve 6 products for £10 inc free shipping.

hope you liked my first post <3 molly


  1. I was very disappointed with this months box :( Will wait and see how next month is.

  2. I was disappointed to see Batiste in mine! Ruined the whole GlossyBox image for me!
    I'm so glad that I received the lipgloss though.
    Fingers crossed for next month!

  3. lovely blog babe! x

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love it if you took part

  4. So glad you agree about the Batiste! :)

  5. I wish I'd got that gel - much better than the scrub that was in my box!

  6. hm i am sorry about your box! it does sound a bit disappointing, but the opi nail polish looks beautiful! :)

  7. Loved the review, I wish they had such promotions here in Australia as well! :)

    The Cat Hag