Saturday, 2 July 2011

NOTW #1 (Nails Of the Week) Mermaid's Tears

Nails of The Week!
About a week ago, after receiving my June glossybox, I really wanted to buy the nail polish full size (coronation - from the designer series) so I went on-line and searched who sells OPI nail polish in the UK and has some great sales, but looking through the website I came across the Pirates Of the Caribbean collection and I instantly fell in love with Mermaid's Tears, It is a sea foamy green with tints of blue, its gorgeous! and now is my must have summer nail polish!
So here is what it looks like! Btw i'm wearing two Coats and collection 2000 nail hardener as a top coat x
OPI Mermaid's Tears (natural light, No flash)

No Flash (natural sunlight)

I would recommend you all to get this one! Its lush!<3


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  2. such a nice colour, i will defs it out when i get my hands on it :)